More money for cigarettes, ecological bulbs and extended ‘Ramshackle’ programme beginning with September 1

The level of the minimum excise for cigarettes will grow, beginning with September 1, up to 58.24 euros per 1,000 cigarettes (217.61 lei per 1,000 cigarettes), according to an Order published with the Official Gazette.

The structure of the total excise for cigarettes will stay at 39.92 euros per 1,000 cigarettes, as of September 1, plus 23 percent of the maximum declared retail sale price, reads the EO No. 960/2009.

Thus, the growth in the minimum excise for cigarettes will must probably force producers to increase the price of a package by some 40 bani.

According to the representatives of the producers, the increase in the price for cigarettes is in fact representing the next step following the increase in June, when the price went up by 30 bani per package.

The new level of the excise will stay valid till December 31.
Also beginning with September 1, the 100-watt bulbs will be taken out from all the stores in the European Union, to be replaced by a new generation of bulbs, which consume by 80 percent less electricity.

Using low-energy bulbs instead of the incandescent light ones, a middle class household would save 166 euros on an annual basis, according to a German study, while a study of the European Commission estimated only 50 euros per year.

EU established a schedule for gradually banning the trading of the incandescent light bulbs.
Thus, selling the classic 75-watt bulbs will be banned a year from now; the 60-watt will be banned in two years from now and the 40-watt and 25-watt will be banned on September 1, 2012.

The ‘Ramshackle’ programme will be extended for legal persons too, beginning with September 1, is another news from the Government,and also for tractors and heavy tools, beginning with January 2010.

Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc on Wednesday, August 26, announced that the Executive might assume responsibility for the ‘Ramshackle’ programme to be extended for tractors and heavy tools too and also for legal persons.

‘We will extend the ‘Ramshackle’ programme to tractors and heavy tools, beginning with January 1, 2010. In fact, we might include the measure with the package we are going to assume responsibility for early this September.
We are going to extend the ‘Ramshackle’ programme to legal persons beginning with September 1, 2009,’ Boc said.


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