Orient Express to arrive in Bucharest on Monday

The Orient Express, the most famous luxury train in Europe arrives in Bucharest’s Gara de Nord (North Railway station), on Monday, after it passes through Sinaia railway station (90 km north of Bucharest).
It currently travels from Paris to Istanbul.

Over time, the journey by this train has been seen a luxurious eccentricity, as those willing to travel by it are ready to pay as much as 6,000 euros, for an unforgettable trip across Europe, from France to Turkey.

Actually the Orient Express train is a real 5-star hotel on rails, running at the limit speed of 100 kmph. During day journeys the compartments offer the comfort of the dining rooms, wherefrom the passengers are given the opportunity to watch, peacefully from their generous armchairs, the landscape of the countries the Express runs through.

And overnight, by a simple switch the compartments change into ideal bedrooms.
Italian waiters serve in the three dining cars – the Northern Star, Oriental and the Ivory Coast – and French chefs cook the meals. A helping may cost more than 45 euros.

Over the year, the Orient Express crosses some of the most beautiful routes, namely London¬Paris-Venice, London-Paris-Venice-Rome, Venice-Rome, Venice-Vienna-London, Venice-Budapest¬London, Venice-Prague-Paris-London.

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