Presidential elections scheduled for Nov. 22

The first round of presidential elections is set to take place on Nov. 22 and the runoff on December 6, leaders of the coalition government (made up of the Democratic Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party) decided on Monday.

Vice PM Dan Nica decided not to make any changes in the current legislation so that no one can say that the rules of the game are changed during the game.

„Elections will be held under the same terms and conditions as in 2004 and 2000,” Nica explained. He also said that the voting system in polling stations outside the place of residence would change.

Such polling stations will be set up, according to Nica, in each locality, the tourist ones included, in airports and railway stations, and will be equipped with surveillance cameras to combat fraud.

Voters outside their place of residence who want to cast their votes, will fill in a form on their own responsibility mentioning they are aware they are risking jail in case they cast multiple votes.

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