PSD leader Geoana hopes ‘cold shower’ of downturn brings more wisdom

At the moment, people expect practical solutions to the problems the economic crisis has generated, the president of Social Democratic Party (PSD -in the ruling coalition) M ircea Geoana told the media, at the Festival of Gurghiului Valley at Ibanesti, Mures County (central), on Sunday August 30, and he expressed hope that the downturn’s effects would bring more wisdom.

‘There have been three decisive months for the crisis’s depth and duration and some say it started abroad and it will end when it ends abroad. But things don’t happen just like this. It started ending abroad and it still lasts with us.

Perhaps, there are also objective reasons.
The ruling has been taken over by a very big budget deficit, which deprived us of additional resources to be invested either in governmental expenditure and public investments, or in the social security, which is equally important, but it lacked coherence.

Particularly, in terms of economic policy it is very clear that this very brutal downturn, which came extremely severely, has found the decision makers, that of the Government included, even those belonging to the wider economic environment, slightly unprepared, Perhaps after the ‘cold shower’ of the first six moths the most wisdom and perhaps more pragmatism will come,’ said Geoana.

The PSD official said that in a big coalition, rifts always come up and as it is for the first time that PSD is in such a cooperation, its members are not used to work in coalition. He also added that the most important was to find tangible solutions to economic and social problems.

Therefore, I also await the Parliament’s arrival next week, because where the Government will fail solving the problems, the Parliament must intervene and give more tangible answers.

It has been a difficult time span, and the adjustment of this coalition. But we hope that the second half of the year will be better for the coalition, for the country, because the Parliament must serve the citizens, after all, Geoana specified.

PSD leader added that the presidential elections are important, beyond doubt, and the next president is to hold consultations on Romania’s situation, with the Parliament and the parliamentary parties.

But till then, Geoana said, if a new Government is required, a new Government will be set up and if the same majority is claimed, it may go on.
‘If a different majority is required it can be set up. But this is less important now,’ PSD president concluded.

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