Trade unions reject solution of budget saving through sending employes on unpaid holidays

Credit release authorities could reach an understanding with the trade unions on how to operate the cuts in the wage of publicly-paid staff, without the 10-day unpaid holiday such employees are slated to take to be necessary, the leader of the CNS ‘Cartel Alfa’ trade union Bogdan Iuliu Hossu told Agerpres on Sunday.

‘The largest trade unions and the credit release authorities should establish together the manner in which to execute the 15.5 percent cut in the total expenditure with wages in the public sector.

The measures to be taken could be different, with the possibility existing only some of the employees to be affected, while others could avoid this disturbing situation,’ Hossu said.

The Federation of the Trade Unions from the Local Public Administration, affiliated to „Cartel Alfa”, proposed the employees to give up certain bonuses, with the result of this action to be a cut by 15 percent in the monthly amount spent on wages, according to unionist leader Valer Suciu, so that there will be no need to send employees on unpaid leave or to cut their working scheduled over September – November, as the Government proposed.

The unionist leaders in education rejected the measure too.
‘The irony is not only that they did not (i.e. the Government) increase wages in our sector as they promised to, but they are trying now to take money from us.

We will sue the state,’ Marius Nistor, the executive manager of the ‘Spiru Haret’ Federation of Pre-University Education Trade Unions.

Aurel Cornea, the head of the Federation of Free Trade Unions in Education said that ‘the Minister of Finance Gheorghe Pogea knows there exists no legal way right now to send employees in the public sector on unpaid holidays, so that he should expect legal actions against the Ministry.

I find it hard to believe that employees will accept unpaid holidays and I really thing they are going to take legal actions against the state,” Cornea said.

The 1.5-billion euros, money to be saved through cutting wages of employees in the public sector by 15.5 percent per month, was stipulated within the Ordinance rectifying the budget, which the Government approved on Saturday.

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