APMR president: Crisis defeaters attend BIFE-TIMB 2009

The companies attending this year’s International Furniture Fair BIFE-TIMB, at the Romexpo Complex in Bucharest, are the defeaters of the crisis, said Aurica Sereny, president of the Association of Romanian Furniture Producers (APMR), on Monday, August 31.

„Of late a number of Romanian furniture producers have been dismantled because of the outdated management and lack of investments (MOPAF Vrancea and ELBAC Bacau) and others closed down for lack of orders.

There are also furniture factories that can no longer produce anything and have to move outside the city, which grew and engulfed them, such as IMAR in Arad (western Romania).

On the other hand, SIMEX in Simleu Silvaniei (northern Romania) and MOBEX in Targu Mures (central Romania) make profit. We can say that the companies that will attend the BIFE-TIMB 2009 are among the defeaters of this crisis,” the APMR head told a news conference.

In his turn managing director of the exhibition centre Doru Simovivi said that the event at Romexpo was „a crisis exposition.”
Simovici said that 499 companies attended the last year’s exposition and the area on which they displayed the products was about twice as large as it is now.

Over September 2-6 the Romexpo exhibition centre in Bucharest hosts the 18th BIFE-TIMB, an international fair for furniture, wood products, furniture accessories, interior decorations, machine and equipment for forest exploitation and wood processing.

More than 350 exhibitors from 17 countries said they would attend. A first of this event is some relevant companies from Vietnam attending the fair.

The total area on which the participating companies exhibit their products is about 30,000 sq m and includes both spaces inside and outside the centre.

In order to support the participation of businesses in BIFE-TIMB 2009 Romexpo made up to 60 percent discounts. In their turn exhibitors informed they would make 5-20 percent cuts in the catalogue prices.

All along the BIFE-TIMB a furniture bazaar will be open too, selling products at promotional prices.

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