Ciolos, likely candidate for EU Commissioner, says ForMin Diaconescu

Romania wants portfolio of EU Commissioner for agriculture, the most likely name being that of the ex-Agriculture Minister Dacian Ciolos, Foreign Minister Crist ian Diaconescu said after the hearings in the parliamentary committees on foreign policy, on Aug 31.

He mentioned that the Government would validate the final variants advancing, however the name of Dacian Ciolos as a likely candidate.

Likewise, he describes as ‘encouraging’ the fact that at the Parliament’s level it is understood ‘the utility of the coherence and the unity from the standpoint of the demarche,’ adding that the Commissioner is related both to the foreign policy and the fulfillment of the obligations of national interest.

From the explorations by the Romanian diplomacy institution, so far, the agriculture portfolio seems to be the most advanced in terms of likelihood to get tangible for Romania.’

Surely, we can talk during the period ahead, depending on the developments of the negotiations at the European level, and other mandates, other portfolios, but at the moment we are focusing on the agriculture, ForM in Diaconescu stressed.

‘The Romanian diplomacy institution has the Constitutional duty to deal with and promote the national interest, irrespectively of the manner how there is a political debate, or not, at a moment.

What we wanted from the Coalition and from the Government, later, is that both the portfolio and the candidate for this portfolio, should become official, because it is under such circumstances that we can seriously commit ourselves to negotiations with other states,’ ForMin Diaconescu stressed.

Referring to the talks in the ruling coalition on the issue, Romania’s top diplomat said there was consensus between the two parties, namely the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) (editor’s note) to mobilize the entire political and diplomatic power of the Romanian State, the Foreign Ministry’s governing dimension along with the parliamentary one.

On the other hand, he said that Romania did not lodge several candidatures at the same time, but it was participating in the negotiations on establishing the portfolios for each country.

‘We don’t announce several candidacies, at the same time. But, there are several levels of exploration, which is normal when it deals with negotiations and to generate a critical mass at the European level, we have in view an obvious consensus with the designated President of the EU so that we should truly have a portfolio of substance, ‘ForMin Diaconescu added.

‘The sooner the better,’ Foreign Minister answered referring to a deadline for Romania’s candidacy to be official.


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