Democrat Liberals back govt’s taking responsibility for draft laws seeking to reform state

The Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L), by the unanimous vote passed in its Steering College, backs the government’s taking responsibility for three draft laws aimed at the reform of the Romanian state, i.e. the reform of the governmental agencies, the education reform and the salary reform by promoting a unitary salary law, Prime Minister Emil Boc said after the meeting of the PD-L National Standing Bureau with the parliamentary groups on Monday.

He stressed the government will take responsibility before Parliament on Sept. 2 for those laws, and added such legislative measures will be continued with the law on the pensions system reform, the law on decentralisation and enforcement of the qualitative and quantitative cost standards in the public administration, the tax responsibility law and the judicial system reform by the adoption of the proceedings codes.

Boc explained the number of the governmental agencies will be cut significantly and the staff’s privileges will be curbed, ‘given that there are agency chiefs who take 30,000-40,000 in salary’ and the money from the institutions’ own revenues will go to the budget.

‘Our analyses show these agencies that have their own revenues sit on nearly one billion euros, with the budgets being managed to their discretion.

We had to borrow from the market, while one billion euros managed by the State Construction Inspectorate or other such agencies was spent solely to the benefit of those agencies on salaries, bonuses, payouts, headquarters worth 15-20 million euros, luxury boats and cars’, he said.

The prime minister announced the unitary salary law in the public sector will target a rise in the low salaries in the education and health sectors and for the civil servants.

Boc added the benefits will be no more than 30 percent of the salary, in line with the agreement forged by the government with the IMF and the European Commission.

On the education laws, the prime minister explained that ‘the great advantage of this reform package is that it modifies the basic way that education is seen in Romania’.

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