Diaconescu: I would like to think that the next 20 years will be years of kept promises

Romanian Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu on Tuesday at a meeting of Romanian diplomats, voiced hope that the next 20 years will be for Romania years of kept promises.

„This way we will be able to really carry out our mission of contributing to Romanians’ prosperity, national security and the international dignity of the Romanian state,” Diaconescu said.

He made these statements at the beginning of the annual meeting of the Romanian diplomats , dubbed „20 years of transformation in Romania’s foreign politics: We act for the future.”

Diaconescu explained that the transition, over the past two decades, meant for Romania an almost complete change of identity and that the Romanian diplomacy has significantly contributed to this process.
„Romanian diplomacy succeeded to draw the support of foreign friends and partners for projects of reform and development.

We succeeded to introduce, on the international agenda, our national interests, through serious efforts and by using diplomatic solutions resulted from the Foreign Ministry’s rich tradition,” Diaconescu said.

The Foreign Minister also defined the main lines of actions for the upcoming period.

„At European level, it’s essential to define, as soon as possible, the way in which Romanian can influence the EU policies, by getting more involved in fields of interest for our citizens, such as energy, agriculture, regional development, transport, environment, migration and more ambition in matters such as competitiveness, education and research, whose importance has not been highlighted enough,” Diaconescu said.

The minister underscored that very important continues to be the EU’s institutional reform, through the enforcement of the Lisbon Treaty as well as getting an European commissioner portfolio that is important and relevant for Romania.

Romanian diplomacy will have to choose, from among its staff, a number of professionals for the European Service of Foreign Action, that is to be set up, in line with the Lisbon Treaty’s stipulations.

The Nabucco project continues to be a priority, and an important step forward has been taken through the signing of the Intergovernmental accord in Ankara, by the participant states.

Diaaconescu also said that the Romanian diplomacy will continue to deploy all necessary efforts to observe its pledges and accede to the Schengen space in 2011 and also to have all restrictions regarding the free circulation of Romanian workers in all EU states, lifted.

The 9th annual meeting of the Romanian diplomacy , organized by the MAE, officially opened on Tuesday morning at the National military Club. It is attended by Romanian diplomats accredited to various countries and high officials from Bucharest.

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