Diaconescu: Romania is prepared to offer expertise to entire Euro-Atlantic area

In its capacity as a NATO member state Romania is prepared to offer expertise to the benefit of the entire Euro-Atlantic area, said Minister of Foreign Affairs Cristian Diaconescu at the beginning of the annual meeting of the Romanian diplomats.

„In our capacity as a NATO member state but also as a border state of this organization as well as in the case of the European Union, we are prepared to promote expertise to the benefit of the entire Euro-Atlantic area, which should give arguments for a new stage of the enlarged neighbourhood of the Alliance, by generating some positive developments as regards stability,” said Cristian Diaconescu.

Mentioning the foreign policy priorities, he reiterated the fact that the current age was marked by the start of the debates on updating the strategic concept of NATO.

„We firmly believe in the indivisibility of the Euro-Atlantic security and in the NATO role as an expression and guarantor of our common security area. We plan to adopt an active attitude that should reflect Romania’s primordial interests, especially the ones pertaining to the security of the near neighbourhood,” said the Foreign Minister.

According to the Romanian chief diplomat, the aim of revising the new strategic concept must be related to a visionary projection of the future of the Alliance and to the need to adapt to the new security threats, not only to the necessity of managerial reforms.

„Afghanistan is the central point of our involvement in international security missions, in keeping with the pledges taken together with the NATO and EU partners.

We want, at the end of every participation of the kind, to have the feeling of pride and fulfilled duty we had when our troops came back from Iraq,” said Cristian Diaconescu.

He added that Romania in the past few years thought again, in an integrated manner, of the questions of generating the civil Romanian capabilities of managing crises and post-conflict situations.

„This is a field in which Romania has made its distinct profile among its allies and partners and developed its own expertise. It is time for us to integrate these capabilities in a more ample way of thinking as regards what Romania has to offer in this field,” added Cristian Diaconescu.

In context he informed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs intended to set up a centre for training the Romanian staff and voiced hope that this idea would materialize within one year.

On a regional plane he directed attention to the areas in the Western Balkans, which he described as „volatile,” as well as to the area which is „really complicated and full of risks, on the eastern border, in the enlarged area of the Black Sea.”

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