Education staff wages might increase by up to 77% by 2015

The wages of the personnel from the education system might go up by 2015 up to 76-77%, although until 2010 there won’t be any rises, said on Tuesday minister of education Ecaterina Andronescu, following the talks she had with Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea and with education trade unionists.

Ecaterina Andronescu explained that the wages will be more motivating for professors beginners and when switching from one level to another. ‘We’ve tried to make the education system more attractive. We want to change the coefficients in order for professors to be motivated,’ said the official.

Andronescu pointed out that the trade unionists’ discontent referred to the rejection by the government’s representatives of 30-percent bonuses for the public employer.

On the other hand, president of the Federation of Education Free Trade Unions (FSLI) Aurel Ciornea said that the draft law on the single wage scheme for the employed of the education system has been so far as narrow as it is at present and that no problem has been solved yet.

Aurel Cornea also said that he wanted the correlation of the teachers and education staff wages with the wages of other public employees, such as those from the health sector, army.

‘The education system is the Cinderella of the system. We’ve lagged behind,’ said the leader of FSLI trade union.

CEO of Spiru Haret Federation, Marius Nistor, said on Tuesday at the meeting with the cabinet’s officials that the meeting was informal.

The initial coefficients discussed with the ministry of Education, Research and Innovation haven’t been observed . At present the wages are in the lower third of the pyramid,’ said the representative of the Spiru Haret federation.

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