ForMin Diaconescu: I am thinking about resuming relations with Moldova at a normalcy level

Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu on Tuesday said that Romania will appoint another ambassador to Moldova after the constitution of the new Moldovan Government, mentioning that he intends to resume relations with neighbour Moldova at a normalcy level.

‘First of all, I am thinking about resuming relations with Moldova at a normalcy level.

The first gesture will be appointing a new ambassador through dialogue and cooperation with our Moldovan counterparts,’ Diaconescu said in a press statement ahead of the official opening of the summit of Romanian diplomats.

He reiterated that Romania will back up Moldova’s demarches to accede to the European Union, saying he wants a neighbourly relation with Moldova that is just, fair and to the benefits of both countries.

‘As far as Romania is concerned, the European cooperation platform in the sense of encouraging Moldova to integrate with the European Union stays in force.

From our point of view, we want a relationship with Moldova that is just, fair and taking into account the national interests of both countries. We are waiting for matching signals from Moldova, after its governmental mechanism is set in place, and to continue our action based on it.

The time has come for us to understand how important the relationship between Romania and Moldova along European lines is,’ said Diaconescu.
Asked about Romania’s position on the persisting request of Moldova that it signs a basic political treaty and a treaty on national borders with Romania, Diaconescu voiced Romania’s openness to the request.

‘Romania has never for a moment rejected the idea of signing bilateral agreements, particularly as far as regulating the circulation of persons between the two countries is concerned.

We have in no way rejected any bilateral juridical document that would bring added value to an excellent relationship that would promote regional stability and security.

Never has there been any talk of rejecting such documents, but, certainly, these documents are subjected to negotiations and negotiations always entail mutual understanding of the parties’ concerns and interests as well as a degree of flexibility,’ said Diaconescu.

He voiced hope that the Moldovan Government will understand this and ‘act as all the democratic states of Europe would act.
As regards the visa requirements imposed by Moldova on Romanian nationals travelling to Moldova, the Romanian chief diplomat said that lifting such requirements was a request of the European institutions.

‘Lifting the visa requirements on Romanian nationals travelling to Moldova is a request first of all issued by the European Union in its spring summit. Besides the normal functioning of the state of law and the defence of citizens’ rights, this request for the lifting of the visa requirements is a European yardstick against which we can judge the European options of any government in Chisinau,’ said Diaconescu.

The minister told the diplomats’ summit that Romania will insist that the Republic of Moldova get more attention through European financial assistance given the current difficult economic times.

‘We are convinced that the European Union and the eastern partners of the Republic of Moldova can offer a converging contribution that will benefit the support for development projects that are included on the agenda of the new Moldovan leadership.

Romania will unreservedly support the European prospects of the Balkan states, stabilising the European neighbourhood and getting it closer to the EU, including by capitalising on the Eastern partnership and the European Neighbourhood Policy,’ said Diaconescu.

Romania and Moldova recalled their respective ambassadors this April.

The Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration declared Romania’s ambassador Filip Teodorescu and also embassy counselor Gabriel Gaborean personas non-grata early this April.

Eventually, Mihnea Constantinescu was recommended to take over the office of Romania’s ambassador in Chisinau but he has not received the agreement of Moldova’s state officials.

Following street protests having erupted after the April 5 parliamentary election in Moldova, Moldova recalled its ambassador to Romania Lidia Gutu, whom it appointed ambassador to Bulgaria.

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