France has become Romania’s most solid partner in EU, Traian Basescu says

France has become our most solid partner within the EU, President Traian Basescu said on Wednesday on welcoming the participants in the annual meeting of the Romanian diplomacy at the presidential Cotroceni Palace.

‘France has become our most solid partner within the EU also as an effect of signing of the strategic partnership by President Sarkozy, in Bucharest, a partnership that develops at all the levels, namely the economic, the political, the military one, in all the areas of interest and not only in the field of the cooperation within the EU, but also in NATO as well as in international organizations,’ said Basescu.

In this respect he asked the diplomats attending the meeting to take into account the road map they were informed about at the Foreign Ministry, on a consistent diplomatic development in line with the strategic partnerships with France and the United States.

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