MEP Iuliu Winkler: Success of EU economic rebound, success of each individual member state

The success of the European Union’s economic rebound should mean the success of each individual Member State in overcoming the economic and financial crisis, because otherwise one could no longer speak about European solidarity, Romanian MEP Iuliu Winkler (of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania – UDMR, EPP) said in a meeting of the European Parliament’s Committee on International Trade (INTA).

Winkler said that it would be desirable for all member states to simultaneously jolt out of crisis but this seems hard to accomplish also because of the relatively low solidarity in implementing the economic stimulus measures.

The Romanian MEP also pointed out that the European industry overall looks with concern at protectionist, isolationist measures implemented by some states which are EU trading partners.

„At present, globally, we are faced with a kind of intelligent protectionism or isolationism, which finds justification in claiming that jobs need to be preserved, raising concern amid European industries. (…)

Fighting protectionist tendencies should be one of the EC key messages at the G20 Summit which will take place at the end of this month in the U.S.A,’ said Winkler.

He added that in this stage, the EC should be preoccupied with the orientation of European industries that export to those regions and countries that run a chance to make a comeback to economic growth.

Moreover, the MEP said that it would be necessary for the EC to make an assessment of the effects the enforcement of the measures included in the European Economic Recovery Plan and the Small Business Act have had one year since their launch, especially as regards their effectiveness in supporting the sector of SM Es.

INTA members on Tuesday exchanged opinions with the representative of the EC Directorate for International Trade on the impact of the economic and financial crisis on international trade.


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