Mircea Geoana advises Romanian diplomats to leave „numbness” behind

President of the Senate Mircea Geoana on Tuesday advised the representatives of the Romanian diplomatic corps to give up indolence or leave „numbness” behind and take part in drawing up a new national project our country needs in order to really become a prosperous state.

Attending the annual meeting of the Romanian diplomacy, Mircea Geoana stressed the fact that Romania could not become a modern prosperous state for the mere reason of having the status of an EU and NATO member state. In this respect it needs an extensive national project.
„The time of indolence has passed …

You too have a duty to fulfil to this country: to leave in certain areas a state of numbness behind, sometimes a state of indolence and sometimes a feeling that we know everything.

We do not know everything. We must learn all the time. We need a genuine revolution in the consular services. I am expecting more from you …

I am sure that there is the talent and the ambition necessary for making this new national project 20 years after the fall of communism,” said Mircea Geoana, who made it clear that he was talking „in a more direct way” to diplomats in his capacity as their former colleague.

According to the leader of the Social Democrats, 20 years after the fall of communism, Romania faces the most severe economic and financial crisis, a context in which the political, diplomatic and economic elite „is duty bound to give a new national project,” which should define again the priorities in our country’s domestic and foreign policy.

He said that he was sorry for Romania’s having at present too few friends and allies, adding that our country „still lacks influence.”

But he thinks that it is not the fault of the Romanian diplomacy, it is the fault of the Romanian politicians who are interested in entirely different things and „forget” about the superior ones of the nation.

The President of the Senate thinks it is abnormal and unproductive for Romania to have cold relations with its neighbouring countries. „Our being the western border of the European Union and NATO makes us feel responsible. It is unjust for the Republic of Moldova to be the country with which we have a blocked relation.

The fact that the last communist regime in Europe is leaving is good news, but to have cold relations with Ukraine and the Russian Federation is a handicap and this must be corrected,” said the President of the Senate, who also pleaded for the intensification of the strategic partnerships, with China included.


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