Premier Boc: I do no longer hold this position in order to be an extra and support postponements

Premier Boc said on Monday, August 31, after the meeting between the National Standing Bureau of the ruling Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) and the parliamentary groups of the party that he would start the procedure meant to make the Government take responsibility for the education law package in spite of the request to delay it made by the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) as he did not want to be an „extra” any more.

„What I have said is still valid: September 2 is the date on which the Government assumes responsibility and starts the procedure before Parliament. We do not have any more time to waste.

This is our message to our PSD partners: either they are determined to be by our side and begin these reforms in the Romanians’ interest or they choose a different way. We have no other solution, we have to support this reform for which we took a pledge before the Romanians,” said the Premier.

The Head of Government said that so far he had „been patient with everybody, was as willing as possible,” but the time had come for him to make a decision.

„I do no longer hold this position in order to be an extra and to support postponements and delays … Now I am asked to be an extra, to postpone things. I have stuck to everything I have suggested, we are now close to September 2 and I am told to postpone things again,” said Boc.

He made it clear he did not intent to resign his position, but, in keeping with the procedures stipulated by the Constitution, he was ready to face a possible vote of no confidence after the Government assumed responsibility for the education laws.

Emil Boc said that the Government would assume responsibility for this draft law which „gives at least a minimal answer to the ruling programme, the National Pact for Education and the Modernization of Romanian Education.”

„I am not going to assume responsibility for a draft law that does mot meet these requirements. I have already asked the Minister of Education three times to make the necessary correlations, I shall make them on Wednesday too in the Government and I will take that draft law to Parliament.

It is the Minister of Education that has to make a start, as the Constitution stipulates, but her law package must meet these requirements … I shall guarantee that the package will met these requirements,” said the Prime Minister.

According to the Premier, the law package is to „substantially change the way of regarding education in Romania, from primary to higher education, and consists in changing the contents of the schoolbooks, of the curricula, education not being based on quantitative aspects alone.”

„The new system we suggest is centred on competences and skill, the eight „competences that are recognized in the EU, of which the most important one is the teach the child to learn, not to pour sterile information into his head.”

According to Emil Boc too, it makes a „hierarchy in the higher education by making a hierarchy in the universities, which means that there will be no more examples like the Spiru Haret University.”

„We shall introduce order, discipline and rigour here too and the entire higher education will take a new road concurrently with adopting the new law package,” explained he PD-L leader.


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