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Prosecutors with Bucharest Court join judges’ protest

Prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office with the Bucharest Court on Monday, August 31, decided to join the judges in their protest against the single pay law to be adopted in the public system.

The General Assembly of Prosecutors with the Bucharest Court decided that, starting with September 1, to suspend its entire activity with the public, including hearings, registration of complaints etc. Prosecutors who are currently involved in trial were also asked to postpone them, except from the really urgent ones.

Thus, prosecutors will carry on their criminal investigations and supervision over criminal proceedings activities only if they cannot wait.

The prosecutors’ protest will be the expression of the compete dissatisfaction with the Government decision to pay only part of their rights that were object of court decisions and only part of the bonuses accounting for 50 percent of their wage, which are for neuropsychic stress.

They disagree thus with the amending by the single pay law of certain provisions related to the prosecutor’s pay rights, that will end in a severe drop in their incomes.

There will be also broken thus the principle of earned rights and there would be created discriminations from the other authorities of the state.

Prosecutors said they were also discontent with the 10-day unpaid holiday they are forced to take.

The Prosecutor’s Office considered that there existed the risk of an entire activity be blocked because of the under- financing in the judicial system (the lack of funds to pay expertise, fuel, to send citations etc.) and of the inadequate working conditions.


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