Puscas: Economic diplomacy is absolutely necessary instrument to Romania

The economic diplomacy is an absolutely necessary instrument to Romania, in the current global context, said, on Tuesday, head of the Department for European Affairs, DAE, Vasile Puscas, during an annual meeting of the Romanian diplomacy.

The solutions for Romania must come from the active development of the component of economic diplomacy, not only in the context of the European Union, but also in order to see their interests at global level, because Romania has to be able to promote its own interests, both at European level, as well as at global one, ” said minister Puscas.

According to him, the new economic diplomacy will have to face three kinds of „tensions” in the future European system: between the economic and the political levels, between the international and the domestic pressure, between governments and other kinds of players, such as that of business.

Puscas believes that these international challenges will put pressure on decision-making for the foreign policy and diplomacy to efficiently manage the resources, as well as to create new instruments of implementation of the foreign policy.

„The current situation forces us to insist on the use of the economic diplomacy, in a system in which important state and non-state players are involved in major global decisions of the foreign policy and diplomacy, in order to efficiently manage the resources, as well as to create new instruments for the implementation of the foreign policy.

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