Recession evaporates job offers

Employers and state institutions announce ever less job offers because of the downturn, the vacant job rate getting ever lower in the Q2, as well.

The vacant job rate reached 0.89 percent over April-June, down from 1.27 percent during the first three months of the year, while it stood at 2.02 percent, in Q2 of 2008, the Evenimentul zilei informs quoting National Statistics Institute (INS) data as saying.

The highest manpower demand registered the healthcare and the social security (4.05 percent) followed by the public administration (1.89 percent) and the professional, scientific and technical activities (1.20 percent).

At the opposite pole, with hardly to find jobs is the extractive industry (0.09 percent) followed by real estate transactions (0.17 percent). On the same list there is also the production and supply of electricity, heating, natural gases, warm water and air conditioning.

Employers mostly seek for intellectual and scientific specialists, skilled workers for agriculture, forestry and fishery. Least asked for jobs are members for the Government’s legal body, public administration leaders, high clerks, handicraftsmen and machines and installation maintainers.

Curbing the recruitment costs, domestic events and booklets are the most common ways to drop cost during the downturn, reads the survey conducted by the European Association for People Management.

Human resource experts say that the lay- offs based on each person’s performance increased the employee’s commitment. Moreover, the crisis is for some, an opportunity to ‘pick up good specialists from the competing companies.

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