Romania discusses with ECB about its accession to eurozone

The Romanian Ambassador at Berlin Lazar Comanescu on Tuesday told Agerpres about his discussions with European Central Bank (ECB) officials, over the preparation of the country to switch to euro.

‘I went to the ECB headquarters in Frankfurt accompanied by the BNR (the Romanian National Bank) governor Mugur Isarescu, occasion on which we discussed with the Vice-Chairman of the European body, who is the responsible for our area.

We established to continue the dialogue on the manner in which Romania is getting prepared to reach this objective of convergence to euro.

And we all see how important it is, during such times of crisis, the increased capacity of the countries already in the eurozone in dealing with the effects of the global economic crisis and I believe this is another argument for us to do all in our power so that to become part of the eurozone, according tot he schedule,’ Lazar Comanescu said.

The Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Lazar Comanescu was appointed Romania’s Ambassador to Berlin in March. He once said, during his hearing with the Romanian Parliament’s Committee for Foreign Affairs, that he wanted to get in touch with the representatives of the ECB, with Romania having already been engaged to operate euro conversion in 2014.

Sources from BNR told Agerpres that Romania might even converge to euro before this deadline.

‘We need to stay realistic and understand the true means of the attitude of some of the German MPs. I discussed with many of them and I believe that what they really wanted was we expressed our interest, with Romania to benefit in a more efficient manner of its status as an EU member state.

I consider their message first of all as an expression of the concern of our German partners to see Romania capitalizing its advantages and benefiting from its status as an European state in a more efficient manner,’ Lazar Comanescu ended.

The Romanian Ambassador to Berlin on Tuesday participated in the annual meeting of the Romanian diplomats, which was held over August 31 – September 2 in Bucharest.

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