Senate Chairman Geoana urging fellow candidates to leave electioneering ‘on the Senate’s doorsteps’

Opening the second session of the Senate this year, Senate Chairman Mircea Geoana on Tuesday urged his colleagues to not mix presidential electioneering with their legislative actions.

Geoana, himself a candidate in this year’s presidential election on the ticket of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), in the ruling coalition, said he will also heed his advice.
‘This is a session that will truly test the upper chamber of the Romanian Parliament. I know that this is always a test when the electioneering is on.

I dare hope that the wisdom and poise the Romanian Senate have always displayed will be the operative words in the Senate where we represent and defend the interests of those having elected us.

If we all, starting with me, resist the temptation of not leaving electioneering on the doorsteps of the Senate, if we manage to leave on the doorsteps of the Senate the temptation of getting sucked up in political squabbling and if we manage to focus ourselves on the real problems of Romanians and of our voters, irrespective of political hue, then we will enjoy more public confidence and we will be able to offer Romania a minimum of stability, poise and credibility.

Irrespective of this camping or any other campaigns, we will still remain colleagues in the Senate for a number of years and this is important to be in our views,’ said Geoana.

He added that the Senate’s priorities should be focused on finding solutions to bring the country out of the ongoing economic crisis.
‘My call is let us try and see what our responses are to the economic crisis and the issues that deeply troubles our citizens.

Likewise, I would like this session to allow us to take a bolder step toward reforming the Senate in terms of increasing its efficiency and increasing transparency in our activity and the activity of our staff.

That is why I am convinced that I will find in all of you partisans of rebuilding public trust in the Senate and Parliament overall,’ Geoana said in a speech delivered to the Senate.

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