Three Golden Apples in tourism for Romania

The ecotourism area Marginimea Sibiului (central Romania), the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (south-eastern Romania) and the Blue Air Company got the Golden Apple Award for tourism in 2009, an award that is regarded as the equivalent of the Oscar in tourism.

La Pomme d’Or or the Golden Apple is awarded every year by the World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers (FIJET) and praises the efforts made in promoting and increasing the tourist level by an organization, country, city or person.

The trophy Romania got is a world first as it is the first time that it has been awarded in the same year to three tourist destinations/personalities of one single country.

Since it was set up in 1970, the FIJET Golden Apple went to 41 destinations.

The assessment of the winners was made during the visit paid to Romania in May 2009 by the FIJET Board of Directors. The event was organized by the Tourist Press Club, PressTour FIJET Romania, with the direct support of the Ministry of Tourism.

After working assiduously on promoting the Romanian tourist attractions through the agency of the mass media, the Tourist Press Club, PressTour FIJET Romania managed to convince the assessment commission for the FIJET Golden Apple that the destinations which were suggested met all the necessary criteria for Romania to be selected for the prestigious international trophy Golden Apple.

Romania’s only Golden Apple can be traced back to 1975, when it was awarded to the Moldovita Monastery (eastern Romania).

At present, having 4 trophies of the 41 that have been awarded since 1971, Romania comes first together with Belgium and Spain as the tourist destination that got the most numerous awards.

In its capacity as joint organizer, the Ministry of Tourism decided that the prestigious ceremony during which the three FIJET Golden Apples will be awarded should take place at Saliste, the capital of Marginimea Sibiului, which is considered to be the most romantic ecotourism region in the world by Forbes Magazine.

The Golden Apples are unique. Every fruit is handmade by an American artist. The marble bases are cut by hand in a quarry in Mexico, then polished in the US, where they were put together too, in Los Angeles.

Inside the crystal „apples” there is 23-carat gold, which floats in a special liquid, so that it should not lose its lustre or change colour.

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