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Union: Health care lagging behind by payment

Health care and education are lagging behind in the salary grid system, while the law on unitary pay distributes poverty unfairly, reads the release the Steering Committee of the Solidaritatea Sanitara (Health Care Workers Solidarity) Federation in Romania issued on Tuesday, and where it expressed hope that it would not have to go on strike.

Our last hopes are the talks with the trade unions, to be held today, and the Parliament’s response regarding assumption of responsibility for this law.

We ask the Government to accept the proposals it was tabled to remedy, at the last moment, some of the major inequities caused to the health care staff and all the employees in the health care system.

Even if because we care for the patients’ life and health, we haven’t closed the hospitals, to force the Government to place us at the top of the hierarchy, it doesn’t mean we don’t deserve more respect and benefit from being ranked in the middle of this hierarchy.

We hope the Government leaves us the strike as the last solution, thinking that the sole major success of these weeks of negotiations, represents the reduction of the salary grid to 12 stages, which diminishes some of the inequities.

The Federation also says that the shape of the law on unitary pay shows the manner how the Romanian society succeeds ranking its values.

If at the peak of his career as a physician in an emergency hospital fails being ranked in the middle of the salary grid of a state, it means that the state is not interested in the health care’s destiny.


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