War is supreme form of failure in politics, says Premier Boc

War is the supreme form of failure in politics, said Prime Minister Emil Boc on Tuesday before leaving for Gdansk, Poland, where he will take part in the ceremonies meant to commemorate the outbreak of the Second World War.

„We must know that it is only democracy and democracies that are practically the only solution which has been proved to be quite sure in this world as a way of being able to prevent conflicts and observe citizens’ rights and freedoms.

This is why the battle for democracy, the battle for a democratic system must be fought every day, in every part of the earth, as it is only by promoting democratic values that we can prevent conflicts, that we can struggle against tyrannies, dictators of any kind and, on the other hand, to ensure rights, freedoms and economic prosperity to all the citizens we govern,” said the Premier.

„I think that this meeting is a good opportunity to better understand our history and say again the fact that a tragedy such as the one of the Second World War must not be repeated.

In order to understand this day we must examine the past one. Our grandparents were through the horrors of the war that broke out 70 years ago, and our parents suffered the consequences.

Our generation is duty bound not to forget the effects of the Second World War, which devastated the entire Europe and the entire world,” also said Emil Boc.
The Head of Government also said that the „present-day generation is duty bound to make sure that such a conflict will never appear again.”

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