Banks should come closer to clients (IBR)

Coordinator of the consultative council of the Romanian Banking Institute (IBR) Vasile Secares said on Wednesday, in P itesti (north-west of Bucharest), that, in the context of the current economic crisis, banks should come closer to clients, as they depend on them.

„Banks should understand that it is in their interest to come closer to economy, to clients. We are now discovering that many people in banks do not know how to work with clients.

At the time when clients used to come to banks, this was not obvious as it seemed everything seemed to go by itself. Now we are discovering that you need to know the economic activity of your clients, to know whether it is necessary to advise them as regards restructuring, the way they can overcome the crisis.

If clients are independent and can manage by themselves, banks will have something to win. If not, a second wave, a more destructive one, might attack them,” Vasile Secares told the news conference that was given before the banking regional conference that is scheduled to be held on September 10 in Pitesti.

In his opinion all economic players should have, at a time of crisis, a behaviour that should enable them to overcome the current difficulties.

„If we have retractive, intuitive behaviours, we are not going to manage at the time of crisis. To a very small extent the behaviours of the actors of the economic system must not be intuitive, they must be counter-intuitive.

We must not do what crosses our minds. When we look at the crisis, we should not do the very thing we we feel like doing. This is valid both for the Government and for banks,” explained Secares.

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