Basescu: For progress in Middle East it is important not to set pre-conditions

For making progress in the Middle East, in the peace process, it is important to no longer set pre-conditions, said, on Wednesday, president Traian Basescu, on the occasion of the reception at Cotroceni presidential Palace, of the participants in an annual meeting of the Romanian diplomacy.

„I can tell you, from the level of the heads of state, that there is a very high level of trust in Romania, in this region (Middle East, e.n.). I, for one, can tell you that I have seen very well, during the talks with the heads of state and government in this region, what are the blockages.

I accuse nobody, no state, but I tell you le mot ďordre for progress in the Middle East, in the peace process, is that nobody set pre-conditions,” said the president.

He added that as long as each state sets preconditions to the other state, no peace process can start really. The president also expressed his wish that this approach be taken over by all Romanian diplomats.

Of course, beyond this practice, solved has to be the problem which emerged of late, a year ago, the Palestinian reconciliation.

The Palestinian reconciliation really is a precondition, and the Palestinians have to solve their problems at home, for being able to be a partner that can hold talks with the other states, ” Traian Basescu added.

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