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Basescu requires support of diplomacy in contracting gas for Nabucco

The Nabucco project is a substantial foreign policy achievement of Romania, said, on Wednesday, president Traian Basescu, who stressed nevertheless that the support of diplomacy is necessary in order to create the necessary environment in which the companies can contract the necessary gas quantity.

„The Nabucco project is one of the substantial foreign policy achievements of Romania, that has been the only state which, at a certain moment did not vacillate, remaining faithful to the Nabucco project, that has been signed at governmental level.

The major effort must be now the turning to good account of this project, which already means the passage to execution and the allotment of resources,” said Basescu, on the occasion of the reception at Cotroceni of the participants in the annual meeting of the Romanian diplomacy.

The president mentioned that at the last but one meeting of the European Council the said project had been driven out of the list of the priorities, but Romania has had an energetic position in the sense of the re-inclusion of this point among the priority objectives, as well as the finalization of the design of the gas pipeline,” Traian Basescu said.

According to him, the terminal of liquefied gas in Constanta, south-eastern Romania, also needs a continuation of the diplomatic efforts. He mentioned that it does not need the doubling of Nabucco, but the creation of alternatives for countries such as Poland, Ukraine, or even Romania.

„The stage of the project currently is at the final level of the feasibility study, with financing from the Government of the United States.

As soon as the feasibility study is ready, we will have the clear figures, the objectives, the capacities, the technical description and everything the achievement of the gas terminal in Constanta involves.

It is a Romanian American project coming as a continuation of projects set with the United States, and we believe it has to be supported,” the Romanian head of state also said.

Basescu pointed out that also as regards the Nabucco project, at a certain moment, it is only Romania and the US that expressed their clear support for it.


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