Basescu: Romania aims to establish solid partnerships with Poland and Turkey

Romania aims to establish extremely solid partnerships with Poland and Turkey, President Traian Basescu told the participants at the annual meeting of Romanian diplomacy held on Wednesday at Cotroceni presidential palace.

The head of the state stressed at the same time that Romania would endorse Serbia’s steps with the International Court of Justice.

‘On short term we are aiming to establish extremely solid partnerships with Poland and Turkey.
The partnership with Turkey has already been discussed at level of foreign ministers.

These are very important countries which can be our partners and with which we have many joint objectives, therefore Poland, Turkey are not only countries very open to a partnership with Romania, but also countries with which we have joint interests in various fields – political and economic alike,’ said the president.

He added that another major objective of Romania’s foreign policy is the endorsement of the evolution toward the EU and NATO of the Balkan countries.
‘Romania has major interests so that these countries enter the area of security and in the economic area we are part of. We have no priorities.

The area is of major interest for Romania. As long as they are trying to solve problems and meet standards, all Balkan countries are our partners in the future European and security development,’ said Traian Basescu.

As regards Serbia, President Traian Basescu said that Romania would endorse all the steps of this country with the International Court of Justice.
Basescu stressed that he would like Serbia to have a partner in its steps with the International Court of Justice in The Hague.


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