Basescu:We need major dipomatic effort in Central Asia

Romania needs a major diplomatic effort in Central Asia and the Caspian area, said, on Wednesday, president Traian Basescu, on the occasion of the reception at the Cotroceni Palace of the participants in the annual meeting of the Romanian diplomacy, the head of state recommended to them to no longer focus only on the missions in the European capitals.

„Sirs, the life in Europe is beautiful and I have to tell you that I appreciate your devotion for the European capital cities, namely London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels. They are superb capitals, but we also need diplomats in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan.

We have already approached the topic. Start from the reality that all heads of state and government meet every three months with all the heads of state and government in the EU.

I wouldn’t like you to understand that I want to diminish the role of the Romanian diplomacy within the EU, but, please, understand that we need a major diplomatic effort in Central Asia,” Basescu also said.

„The duty of a border country, beyond the guaranteeing of security, is to have diplomatic relations and other links with the neighbouring countries or with those close to it. Or, it is clear that in the energy issue, the EU needs a solid partnership with Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan.

That is why, please, understand that a diplomat is like a soldier,” stressed the head of state.

President Basescu mentioned that in the past few years he has drawn attention on this issue, but it is high time for Romania to pass to „an active, strong diplomacy” in Central Asia and the Caspian area.

„Diplomacy is not only in Paris, London, Berlin or Brussels. It is extremely important to make it now in this area, of Central Asia, we have this duty in front of our European partners. Also, the Middle East.

You have noticed, maybe, that we have visits of the heads of state of the Middle East to Bucharest and I have visited the Middle East,” he said at the end of his speech.

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