Bucharest law courts continue protests

Magistrates of the Bucharest-based law courts, on Wednesday, continued their protests against the draft law on unitary public sector pay and the chronic under-financing of the legal system.

The files of the civil, commercial, and penal courts were adjourned, except those regarding arrests and underage custodies. Likewise the archives and the registration offices were closed for the public and the lawyers.

The High Court of Cassation and Justice joined the Bucharest Law Court, the Bucharest Court of Appeal and the six judge’s offices, in the protest.

According to the statistical data, the National Network of the General Assemblies of Judges made public on its web page, on Tuesday, about 80 percent of the total Romanian law courts started protests.

Likewise, 31 law courts decided to stage similar actions and 100 judges joined them. All these courts opted for stopping activity, most of them started on Sept. 1 and the remainder are expected to start on Sept. 7.

Minister of Justice and Citiznes’ Freedoms Catalin Predoiu convened a video-conference with the presidents of the courts of appeal and of the law courts, along with the heads of the prosecutor’s offices from all over Romania, on Thursday.

The video-conference will approach the topic of the law on the unitary pay of the justice staff, the magistrates’ protests and the budget revision.


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