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Colloquium of International Association of Climatology in Cluj-Napoca

„Climate Extremes: Their Origin and Impact” is the theme of the 22nd Colloquium of the International Association of Urban Climatology, which started on Tuesday, September 1, in the Aula Magna of the Babes-Bolyai University (UBB) in Cluj-Napoca (central Romania).

In the speeches they delivered during the opening ceremony the UBB rector, Professor Andrei Marga, PhD, president of the International Association of Urban Climatology Michel Erpicum and the dean of the Geography Faculty, Professor Danut Petrea, PhD, stressed the importance of this event, climatology being an interdisciplinary scientific branch between meteorology and geography, which several years ago sounded a loud alarm referring to the obvious changes of the climate of the Earth as a consequence of the increasing pollution, of the concentration of the greenhouse gas but also because of the variations of the solar activity.

For five days the participants in the colloquium will debate subjects of major interest such as the real risk of the rapid and cardinal changes of the climate in the decades to come.

Industry, transports, the population of the Earth that go on polluting the environment are landmarks of the talks, which will reveal the necessity to take some rapid measures in order to reduce some devastating effects on mankind.

The event held in Cluj-Napoca is organized by the UBB Geography Faculty and brings together renowned experts from Romania and abroad, among whom mention should be made of president of the International Association of Urban Climatology Michel Erpicum, Professor Jean-Luc Mercier, PhD, of the University of Strasbourg, France, Professor Panagiotis Maheras, PhD, of the University of Thessaloniki, Gfreece, the man in charge of the climate changes mission with the Institute of Agronomical Research in France, Bernard Seguin, as well as research manager of the National Authority of Meteorology Constanta Boroneant.

In Romania the climatology activity is carried out in the climatology section of the National Authority of Meteorology, which climatically monitors Romania’s territory, draws up the synoptic prognoses on various time spans and also carries out research work into the climate hazards as well as into the wind energy and radioactive potential nationwide.


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