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First Institute for Regional Studies of Romania opens in Cluj

The first Institute for Regional Studies (ISR) in Romania was inaugurated, at the Babes-Bolyai University (UBB) in Cluj-Napoca (central-western Romania), on Tuesday, in the presence of the president of the Paul Valery University of Montpellier, France, Professor Jean Marie Miosec and of several academics of Cluj.

On the occasion, UBB Rector Professor Andrei Marga told that the Institute for Regional Studies of Romania was set up in Cluj Napoca in cooperation with the Paul Valery University and its president Professor Jean Marie Miosec who is also one of the most important regionalists in France.
‘It is a national premiere.

By tradition Cluj and its University have the duty to clarify the structuring of the Romanian state as a modern and efficient state. Surely, this project, the regionalization strengthens the structures of the Romanian state.

Several students of UBB have been trained and specialized in France, Canada and in other countries with regionalist traditions, and today, when we are inaugurating the Institute, we have all the human, infrastructure and financial prerequisites for a consistent activity.

Everything has been already put in action for the development of the future programmes of the Institute,’ Marga stressed.

According to him, Jean Marie Miosec has analyzed inter-disciplinarily, namely economically, socially, institutionally and culturally, the situation in France and pleaded for the development of an administration based on regionalization.

‘At the same time with the inauguration of the Institute for Regional Studies, at UBB, it has been launched the book ‘Geohistoire de la regionalization en France. L’horizon regional (The Geo¬history of Regionalisation. The Regional Horizon) by Professor Miosec, published in 2008,’ UBB Rector said.

In his turn ISR director Radu Nechita of the Faculty for European Studies specified that the Institute would play the role of offering more visibility to the researches carried out within the framework of several faculties of UBB.

The new body will capitalize the researches in progress at the UBB and will give substance to the future ones.

‘At present, the issue of the regional development is very topical because Europe itself is conceived as acting at the level of the regions. We think that in Romania, the topic has not been approached enough thoroughly, and UBB wants this.

UBB has have been preoccupied with the regionalization, for several years, and it was among the first that developed the topic,’ Nechita explained.

In 2010, UBB in cooperation with the University of Montpellier will organize a conference on a comparative topic namely Transylvania (central Romania) – the French Region of Languedoc¬Roussillion, one of the 26 regions of France, whose capital is Montpellier.


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