Geoana draws attention Boc not to destroy governing for the sake of electoral campaign

The leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Mircea Geoana drew attention of the Premier Emil Boc with whom he convened an urgent meeting on Wednesday ‘not to destroy the governing coalition for the sake of the electoral campaign’, sources from the PSD told.

Mircea Geoana appeared to have been delegated after a recent meeting of the PSD leaders to support while discussing with the Prime Minister the Andronescu version of the Education Code, with Social Democrats pleading for the continuation of the debate instead of approving the Government’s decision to assume responsibility, which is not what the Premier announced when he said the Government will assume responsibility for the Miclea package.

The Social Democrats showed dissatisfaction with the social effects of some other measures too, like the increase in the unemployment rate, which is not, in their opinion, a good solution to help the country through the economic crisis.

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