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Golden Stag antem of 1973 opens festival’s current edition

The 17th edition of the Golden Stag International Music Festival will be opened on Wednesday evening, in the City Hall Square of Brasov, center of Romania, with the celebrated sound signal composed by Ion Vasilescu, which was not heard on the festival’s stage since 1973.

The organizers have said, on Wednesday, at a press conference, that the anthem of the festival will be presented in a variant re-orchestrated by composer Ionel Tudor.

After the sound signal, the evening will continue with an Evergreen show, where singers from Romania will bring to the stage a series of celebrated songs which have marked the history of music.

Luminita Anghel and Aura Urziceanu will sing the songs „The Best’, „Proud Mary” respectively, made known to the public worldwide by Tina Turner.

Mihai Georgescu and Delia Matache will try to attract the public with songs such as „I Want to Break Free” and „I Will Survive”, successfully sung by Queen and Gloria Gayner.

The lovers of the music of Tom Jones can listen to „Delilah”, sung by Marcel Pavel. Monica Anghel will be present at the festival with „Unchain My Heart”, the variant sung by Ray Charles.

The piece „I Feel Good”, of James Brown, will be sung by Aurelian Temisan. France Sinatra will be brought to the memory of the public by Gabriel Cotabita, with „My Way.”

Romanian music will also be sung in the opening show of the festival. At the end of this show, played will be „We Are The World”, which will be sung by all those mentioned above.

Before this show, on the stage there will be the Sistem group and the Ballet of the Golden Stag Festival, with the choreography of Tone Leonard, from Lord of the Dance, coming specially from Ireland, for the event in Brasov.

The singers from the opening show will be accompanied by the orchestra under the baton of Ionel Tudor, numbering 15 professionals. They will be joined by 20 of the best players of the Philharmonic of Brasov, having guitar player Nicu Patoi as a special guest.

After the opening show, in the competition there will be eight competitors from Italy, Australia, Latvia, Belgium, the Rep. of Moldova, Romania, Armenia and Russia.

The evening will end with a recital given by Hot Chocolate. With a quite impressive career, of more than 30 years, Hot Chocolate have launched well known pieces such as „You Sexy Thing”, „Every One’s A Winner, „It Started with a Kiss” and „So You Win Again.”

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