Govt members discuss laws they will take responsibility for and are invited to make amendments

Romanian Govt on Wednesday is discussing the three draft laws for which it will take responsibility before Parliament, PM Emil Boc said before the meeting, and stated that amendments proposed by ministers will be included in the final text of the laws.

„The first three subjects to be discussed are the three draft laws the Govt will take responsibility for.

That is the draft law on the single salary system for state employees, the draft law on Education and on the reorganization of some public authorities and institutions, supporting the business environment, observing the framework accord with the EC and the IMF.

These projects are now on your table and will be analyzed and debated by the Govt. All amendments will be included in the texts and sent to Parliament,” Boc explained.

He proposed ministers on Wednesday to also pass the Emergency Ordinance regarding the revision of Law 370 on the president’s election.

„The ordinance regards only the mechanism of the polling stations and voting, while the election date will be set by Govt, based on the current law in force and not on the Emergency ordinance that we adopt today,” the PM announced.

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