Gov’t to assume responsibility for three major laws, on Wednesday

The Romanian Government on Wednesday will decide over the assumption of responsibility before the Parliament for the final variant of three laws.

Thus, the Government will assume responsibility for a law package to include the restructuring of several central agencies, the rationalization of public spending and the support to be given to the business environment with commitments to the IMF and the EC to be observed too, and also the education and the single unitary pay laws.

The Government will assume responsibility before the Parliament following the procedures stipulated in the Article 114 of the Romanian Constitution and in the Joint Sittings of the Deputies and Senate Chambers Regulation.

The Executive will also approve on Wednesday the draft of the Emergency Ordinance to amend the in force legislation for the election of the country’s president, with the members of the Government to officially decide on the same occasion on the date for the elections (the decision was in fact taken by the governing coalition on Monday).

Prime Minister Emil Boc specified that the new rules related to the election of the head of the state target only a series of technical aspects related to the actual organization of the polls and has nothing to do with the electoral rights.

Moreover, he announced that the Government decided not to use the electronic system against multiple voting, at least not at this autumn’s elections.
The first round of the presidential election was scheduled for November 22, with the second to follow on December 6.

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