President Basescu’s visit to Kiev possible after joint presidential Commission works ended

President Traian Basescu’s visit to Kiev, Ukraine will take place as soon as the works of the Romanian-Ukrainian joint presidential commission, that includes three committees, out of which only one has been in progress, will come to an end, the Romanian ambassador to Ukraine Traian Hristea on Tuesday told.

The visit of the Romanian head of state to Kiev due to take place in 25 and 26 of February 2009 was postponed, both parties coming to an agreement to continue the preparations for the formal visit in Ukraine of the Romanian president.

„As regards the president Traian Basescu’s visit to Kiev I can tell you one thing with certainty: it will take place as soon as the preparations in connection to the completion of the activities of the three committees of the Romanian-Ukrainian joint presidential Commission will be accomplished.

This Commission includes three committees, one which is coordinated by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, another one by the Culture Ministry and a third one co-chaired by the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of the Environment.

So far, a single committee’s works took place, the one at the Foreign Affairs ministers’ level.

The Ukrainian side is to organize the other two committees and as soon as these two committees will fulfill their formalities and carry out the corresponding analysis, the president’s visit will take place, undoubtedly”, ambassador Hristea said.

As regards the small border traffic, the Romanian diplomat said that, in order to sign the document, two aspects should be clarified, namely the sitting duration in the country based on the permits released for the beneficiaries of this agreement – around 1.5 million citizens of Ukraine who live near the Romanian border – as well as the diplomatic missions to enforce the agreement.

„According to the Ukrainian statistics, approx. one million and half of Ukrainian citizens could be the beneficiaries of this small border traffic agreement. For such a large number of demands, the Romanian side should have the capacity to release these permits.

In this respect, we asked the Ukrainian side to let us open a general consulate in Ujgorod, in Transcarpathia region, and a consular agency in Solotvino, also in the Transcarpathia region, in order to be able to enforce, together with the general consulate in Cernauti and Odessa, this small border traffic agreement of high quality and at European level services”, Hristea stressed.

As for the Bastroe Canal (in the Danube Delta), whose construction is blamed both by Romania and the international environmental organizations, Hristea recalled that Ukraine has broken the ESPO Convention provisions, with a resolution existing by which Kiev has to cease the respective works.
Currently, Romania is waiting for the reaction of the Ukrainian side to these observations. Meanwhile, the works continue.

They are presented as being circumscribed to the first stage of the project but, there results very clearly that works are done belonging to the second stage of the project, which is a clear violation of this Convention, Traian Hristea said.

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