Prime minister asks for formation of inter-ministerial working group for finding solutions to requests of magistrates

PM Emil Boc asked, on Wednesday, the ministers to form an inter-minsterial working group for evaluating and finding solutions for the observance of the principle of paying the salaries of the magistrates as scheduled, in the draft bill of the new uniform salary law, reads a communique of the Ministry of Justice and Citizens’ Freedoms, MJLC.

According to MJLC, on Wednesday, the prime minister has led a working meeting with the ministers of Finance, Labour and Justice, regarding the proposals made by the social partners about the salary draft law.

During the meeting, at the proposal of the ministers, the prime minister asked an evaluation of the budget impact of the proposal of the representatives of magistrates, from the perspective of the principle of the sustainability of the paying of the salaries as scheduled, in the acceptance of the notion of „salary” made by the representatives of magistrates.

The Justice Ministry will continue to support, in the Government, the solutions of improvement of the salary scale for the legal system, under the reserve of „the budget sustainability”, reads the communique.

MJLC mentioned that on Tuesday, Sept 1, at the Government hqs, talks were held regarding the salary law in the budget system, among the ministers of Finance, Labour and Justice, on the one hand, and the members of the Upper Council of Magistrates, CSM, the Association of the Magistrates in Romania, AMR, the National Union of the Judges in Romania, UNJR, Projust Federation and the president of Cartel Alfa, on the other hand.

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