Romania wants European agricultural policy to be kept, President Basescu says

Romania aims to get a substantial portfolio, agriculture, that has a special relevance, particularly when speaking of the European agricultural policy, which is at a difficult time, President Traian Basescu told the participants in the annual meeting of the Romanian diplomacy, whom he welcomed at Cotroceni Palace on Wednesday.

‘Romania must get an important portfolio (in the European Commission – editor’s note)…
A commissioner’s behaviour should not be one of supporting the national issues inside the Commission, but one of backing the European matters;

however, Romania must get an important portfolio and as I already discussed with the Commission president on January 12 and with other European leaders, Romania targets the agriculture portfolio, which has a special relevance, particularly when speaking of the European agricultural policy’, the president said.

Basescu stressed the European agricultural policy is at a difficult time, as the European Union members are to decide if they keep the same policy or cut the resources for agriculture.
He added this issue will be debated before the EU budget for 2013-2020 is established.

‘I think the debates on this topic will begin as early as in 2010 and I caution the entire Romanian diplomacy over the fact that Romania is in favour of keeping the European agriculture policy, even though discouraging figures and realities are sometimes presented – such as, for instance, despite the biggest investment being made in agriculture, the contribution of agriculture is two percent of the EU GDP, which is true if we fail taking into account that this GDP of two percent produces food for half a billion EU citizens’, the Romanian president pointed out.

He underscored that some analysts predict that a new crisis could be looming, a food crisis.
Therefore, he said, Romania believes it would be unacceptable for the new European agricultural policy to target a cut in the resources allotted this sector.

Basescu added that another priority of Romania in the EU is the enforcement of the Lisbon Treaty.

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