Senate Speaker receives delegation of Association of Friendship of Chinese people with foreign countries

Senate speaker Mircea Geoana had a meeting, on Wednesday, with a delegation of the Association of friendship with the Chinese people with other countries, led by Mrs Li Xiaolin, vice-president of this forum.

The friendship association has been empowered by the Chinese state to be in charge of the relationship with the twinned communities and a Council of Economic Cooperation, in this respect.

The talks were mainly focussed on the economic area of cooperation between Romania and China, with the two sides taking into account the importance of the cooperation at local level, through the twinning of the cities and regions.

Talks were also held about the importance of the celebration of 60 years of Romanian-Chinese bilateral relations, reads a release sent to Agerpres by the Press Office of the Senate.

On this occasion, the speaker of the Senate voiced his support for the continuation and enrichment of the cooperation between Romania and China, considering that „the hesitations of the Romanian party from 2004 as regards the cooperation between the two parties have to be removed.

Geoana also stressed the importance and seriousness of the international economic crisis as well as the fact that the crisis has sounded the alarm about the bilateral relationships of Romania.

„The financial crisis, that has started in America and hit us too, has taught us that we need a diversification between the relations and the making up for the time lost in the traditional relations with the power centers, and China is part of circle 0 of the powers of the world,” said Geoana.

Mrs Li Xiaolin said she is honoured by her visit to the Senate of Romania, along with the other members of the delegation, speaking next about the necessity to give a „new content” to the friendship relations between China and Romania.

By this, the lady understands „the intensification of the economic, cultural, educational exchanges as well as the movement of the youth” between Romania and China, according to the release.

Economically, Li Xiaolin appreciated the very good prospects of cooperation between the two countries. „We have 24 cities and provinces twinned with cities and counties of Romania,” said the lady.

Geoana gave Xiolin an invitation for the vice-president of the People’s Republic of China to deliver a speech in front of the Parliament of Romania, with the occasion of the celebration of 60 years of bilateral Romanian-Chinese relations, announcing that invited at the event will be representatives of all the Romanian communities twinned with cities or provinces of China.

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