Strategic partnership with U.S., most valuable for Romania, Traian Basescu says

Romanian President Traian Basescu on Wednesday stated, on the occasion of the participants in the annual meeting of the Romanian diplomacy paying him a visit at the Cotroceni presidential palace, that the strategic partnerships with the U.S. and France are the most valuable for Romania in the current context, also adding that a new list of common objectives between Romania and the U.S. will most probably be completed after the upcoming presidential elections.

‘With regards to our strategic partnership with the U.S., we had an almost endless list of common objectives, which were reached during the Bush administration, in the foreign affairs or battle against terrorism fields and also objectives meant to stimulate American investments in Romania.

All those objectives were included with a commitment from back in 2005,’ the head of the Romanian state said.

On the other hand, he underlined that elections were in the meantime held in the US, with elections following in Romania too, which means a new list is to appear.

‘We have already prepared our list of objectives to discuss them with the U.S. new administration, as soon as it is possible we have a high level meeting.

These objectives have already been put at the disposal of the U.S. State Department, via the U.S. Embassy in Romania too, and are currently being analyzed at Washington, with a common list to be finished soon for the next years.

The final list will probably be ready after presidential elections will be held in Romania too,’ Traian Basescu said.

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