The Golden Stag Festival kicks off tonight

Tiziano Ferro, Hot Chocolate and Steve Vai will be the big stars to perform alongside famous Romanian artists like Holograf, Directia 5 or Monica Anghel at the 2009 edition of ‘The Golden Stag’ Pop Music Festival to be held over September 2-7 in the Sfatului Square downtown the central Romanian city of Brasov, the Festival’s manager Mioara Negescu told an informal meeting with the press on Tuesday.

The opening night of the Festival that has become, during the four decades, a national brand, will be devoted to an Evergreen concert, to be followed in the night after by a Pop music concert, and in the third night by a Rock concert.

The 4th night will host the final of the singing contest, the 5th night will host the Laureates Gala and the Superstar Night. The 6th night will be devoted, according to the tradition, to the Romanian round dance and folklore music, with great Romanian artists to perform.

The first three nights (the Evergreen, Pop and Rock nights) will be all of them opened by bands like Sistem and the Art Focus International ballet to perform, said the Festival’s director Petre Nastase, who showed the concert was based on the history of music since the 1950s till the present days.

The Evergreen night will bring on the stage famous Romanian artists like Gabriel Cotabita, Paula Selling, Nico, Nicola, Leo Iorga, Luminita Anghel, Marcel Pavel, Aurelian Temisan, Monica Anghel, Vlad Mirita, Delia Matache, Mihai Georgescu, Aura Urziceanu, George Nicolescu and Doina Spataru.

After the competition, the night will be closed with a retro recital of the Hot Chocolate band.

The Pop night will have as guests the members of the Holograf band, with the Rock night to bring on the stage Directia 5.
The final of the singing contest will be closed with a show signed by Vama.

The Superstar Night will bring Loredana, Steve Vai and Tiziano Ferro. The final night will bring folklore artists like Dumitru Farcas, Ionut Fulea, Daniela Condurache and many others.

The Jury of the singing contest will be made up of: Nuno Figueira (producer at the Portuguese Public Television Channel), David Lowen (member in the Board of Directors of the Royal Television Society), Michael Lally (the head of CIRCOM), Paula Selling (winner of the 2002 edition), Vic Vergeat (guitar player and singer), Dida Dragan (famous Romanian singer), Alfredo Tisocco (the head of Crams Music Italy), Dumitru Morosanu (the head of Modus Production), Stefan Gheorghiu (the head of CREDIDAM), Jeroen Depraetere (the founder of the Flemish Television Academy) and Antero Paivalainen (musician and producer of Taurus Music).

This year’s edition of the Festival will bring together 27 singers from 20 countries (Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Israel, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, UK, Republic of Moldova, Norway, Russia, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine), plus three representatives of Romania: Jasmine, Nadine and The Marker.

The Romanian Television Broadcasting Corporation (TVR) will be awarding three grand trophies in this year’s edition of the Golden Stag International Competitive Song Festival: the Golden Stag, the Silver Stag and the Bronze Stag, TVR reports in a press release.

The best three contesters will each receive one of the three trophies.

Weighing in at almost 2 kg and with a height of 32 cm, each trophy was crafted by visual artists Ionel Istoc of gold-coated, silver-coated bronze and simple bronze, respectively. Beside the three trophies, there will also be a Special Prize of the Jury and a Public’s Prize, all consisting of plaques.

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