Ursus Breweries are worth 390M euros

For the first time in Romania, a multinational brewer – Ursus Breweries – published a report assessing its factories at over 390 million euros, an extremely rare information in this industry, given that during the latest years the multinationals assessed the factories they had bought, but they had never talked about the value of their own portfolio, the Ziarul financiar daily says on Wednesday.

The information was issued after Ursus Breweries lodged a takeover bid for Azuga brewery, a stock-exchange listed company, because in such transactions the bidder is required to show bigger transparency.

The value of the Company’s assets went up by round 30 million euros, over the past six month, the same source reads.
Ursus Breweries chairman Stephen Maria Weber said that the stock-exchange assessment did not include the brands’ value.

The rise in the Company’s value mirrors the investments in the production capacities, Weber told the Ziarul Financiar.
Ursus Breweries earned a turnover worth 325 million euros in 2008 and finalized investments higher than 90 million euros in 2009.

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