ForMin Diaconescu decides to go to The Hague

The Romanian Foreign Affairs minister Cristian Diaconescu decided to participate on Thursday in the works of the Netherlands’ legislative, following a telephone discussion he had on Wednesday night with his counterpart, thus giving a second thought to his previous decision to cancel his visit to The Hague, the Foreign Affairs Ministry announced.

This decision is aimed at supporting Romania’s interests in the very day a decision will be made regarding the opposition of the Netherlands on the functioning of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism which aims at Romania, the source added.

Cristian Diaconescu decided to annul, on Wednesday, his visit to the Netherlands, saying the gesture of the government of this country has not been good, it sent to the House of Representatives a public evaluation with „radical accents”, on the operation of the state of law in Romania, as well as „excessive” interpretations on the report of the European Commission regarding the Mechanism of Cooperation and Verification.

„The Romanian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, MAE, has learnt with surprise from the press about the approach of the Government of the Netherlands to send to the House of Representatives of this country a public evaluation with radical accents about the operation of the state of law in Romania, as well as excessive interpretations of the Report of the European Commission about the mechanism of monitoring and verification, reads a press release of the institution of Romanian diplomacy.

The document has been made public prior to the visit of the Romanian ForMin to the Hague, when clarified had to be all the concerns of the Dutch party related to the Report of the European Commission, the source also reads.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry called the gesture of the Dutch authorities as being „non- amicable and unbecoming in the relationship between the two states of the European Union.

The gesture goes counter to the spirit and openness between the two states, emphasized by the excellent economic cooperation, from which it results that the Dutch companies got profit in Romania, ranking 1st as regards the total invested capital, of over 4.5 billion euros,” the MAE release reads.

The MEA also voices the hope that this gesture will be followed by an explanation on diplomatic channels from the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs, according to the behaviour that has to prevail among the EU member states.

Part of the working visit, Diaconescu will meet Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen and European Affairs Minister Frans Timmermans as well as High Commissioner for National Minorities of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Knut Vollebaeck, spokesman for the Romanian Foreign Ministry Alin Serbanescu reports.

The Romanian chief diplomat is also scheduled to meet the members of the European Affairs Committee of the Dutch Chamber of Representatives to introduce to them Romania’s progress in the area of justice, as the committee is expected in the after-noon to discuss the European Commission’s latest report on Romania’s progress in the same area, says Serbanescu.

One of the main objectives of Diaconescu’s visit is deepening bilateral cooperation between Romania and the Netherlands under new cooperation projects of common interest to be identified.

On September 4, Diaconescu will be attending a conference in Sweden, where he will be delivering a speech on the importance of implementing the Eastern Partnership policy of the European Union in conjunction with ongoing regional cooperation initiatives.

On September 4-5, Diaconescu will be attending a half-year informal meeting of EU ministers, to be hosted by Stockholm, Sweden.
The meeting is expected to discuss topical issues, with emphasis on the situation in Afghanistan and the peace process in the Middle East.

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