Hot Chocolate warms up audience at The Golden Stag

The British band Hot Chocolate warmed up the audience on Wednesday night while performing at The Golden Stag Festival in the Romanian central city of Brasov, with people applauding, dancing and singing together with the five members.

Although there remained not so many people in the audience as earlier in the evening, as the temperatures have significantly dropped during the hours, those who stayed were enthusiastic to listen to such famous songs of the British band as ‘Every one is a winner’ or ‘What kinda boy you looking for’.

In the end, guitar player Patrick Olive thanked the audience in Romanian language, continuing to say in English the band would for sure be glad to return Romania for another concert, at some point.

There followed some other famous songs signed Hot Chocolate, such as ‘Heaven is in the back seat of my Cadillac’ or ‘Tears on the telephone’, songs that made the band famous in the 1970s – 1980s. ‘Good bye! This was our best evening ever,’ Greg said in the end.

The public applauded frenetically and succeeded in bringing the band back for a few extra minutes, after the concert was finished.

There also performed, earlier in the evening, at the 17th edition of The Golden Stag Festival: Luminita Anghel, Mihai Georgescu, Delia Matache, Marcel Pavel, Doina Spataru, Vlad Mirita, Nicola, Gabriel Cotabita, Leo Iorga, Paula Seling, Aurelian Temisan, Nico, George Niculescu and Aura Urziceanu, who brought songs from the entire history of music since the 1950s, such as ‘Simply the Best’, ‘I want to brake free’ or ‘I’ll survive.’

They were all applauded by both the public and the jury, who was assigned to evaluate the first eight candidates in the contest of interpretation, Sergey from Armenia, Raffaele from Belgium, Geta Burlacu from the Republic of Moldova, Roberto Meloni from Latvia, Xonia from Australia, Nikolay Demidov from Russia and The Marker from Romania.

The Golden Stag Festival will end on September 7, with the second evening of the contest of interpretation and a concert of the Romanian Holograf band having been scheduled for Thursday night.

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