Investment worth 10 mil. euros in driving belts facility

A Romanian-German joint venture company on Thursday inaugurated a facility to produce sub-assemblies to supply the car and energy industries, to be based in the Tautii Magheraus locality (northern Maramures County).

The facility, which needed 10 million euros, was erected on a plot of land close to the Baia Mare International Airport.

The general manager of the Romanian-German company Optibelt Power Transmission’s branch in Maramures Kalla Csaba stated that the company is currently the leader of the international driving belts market, once with the opening of the factory in Romania intending to double its production to supply foreign buyers.

In the first stage, the factory will have 150 employees, following to increase the number up to 250 in the close future.
According to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Maramures, this would be the most important foreign investment in the Maramures County this year.

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