Ion Iliescu: Nobody is interested in government crisis

Honorary president of the ruling Social Democratic Party (P SD) Ion Iliescu said before a meeting of the party’s National Executive Committee on Thursday that nobody in the party was interested in bringing about a government crisis.

‘I think nobody is interested in a government crisis and, no matter what the difficulties, there always arises tension between the various parties in a ruling coalition.
There are various considerations, but I don’t want to elaborate’, the former president of Romania said.

Nevertheless, he believes the Social Democratic members from across the country are right to be angry over the government’s taking responsibility on the education laws, given that this is a very important sector and they argue such a procedure is used in exceptional situations only.

Iliescu reiterated the need for a debate on the education laws.
In turn, president of the PSD National Council Adrian Nastase said on Thursday any discussion on leaving government 80 days ahead of the presidential elections is purely childish.

‘I think the discussion should be broader, since we do not merely talk about getting to government, leaving government, suspension or ousting. Firstly, we, those who did not take part in the talks at the government, should learn the context in which we should make a decision or not.

There are 80 days left till the elections, the decision must be made with wisdom. All such announcements, that some try to oust others, seem somewhat improper’, the former prime minister stressed.

Nastase pointed out that the decision for the government to assume responsibility is not made by the prime minister.

‘I believe, and I think I’m right, that the government’s assuming responsibility is not a decision to be made by the prime minister, but by the entire government and mostly a decision to be made by the coalition, by an agreement of its two parties’, Nastase argued.


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