Macovei dismisses accusations of covering corruption deeds

Romanian Euro¬parliamentarian Monica Macovei (EPP/PD-L) on Wednesday dismissed statements made in a message emailed by Polish citizen Stanislaw Pigon to the members of the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties (LIBE) in which the former Romanian justice minister is accused of favouring corruption deeds and of ‘potential abuse regarding the funds of various non-profit organisations for her private commercial activities in Southeastern Europe, particularly while she was hired at the British embassy in Skopje, that also cover the time of the recent elections for European Parliament’.

‘The offer procedure by which I was hired as a consultant by Britain’s embassy in Skopje in 2007 (three months after I ended my position as justice minister in Romania) observed the FCO employment procedures (an announcement regarding the job, the application and an interview).

Both the British embassy in Skopje and I personally answered Mr Pigon on this issue on various occasions.

The British foreign minister investigated the allegations and closed this issue, reaching the conclusion that the British embassy in Skopje had followed the adequate rules and procedures’, Macovei says in her message also presented her colleagues in LIBE.

Pigon had requested ‘an analysis into a potential involvement of Ms Monica Macovei in non- transparent procedures by which she had secured a lucrative contract from the British government (while still being a Romanian justice minister)’.

Macovei pointed out she had ‘not used funds from any British company in the electoral campaign for the European Parliament’. ‘As for my taxes, they are all paid on time.

Moreover, the declaration of assets are public in Romania (following a law I initiated in 2005!) and they relate to all categories of incomes, including those related to my contract of an anti-corruption adviser, in a project financed by Britain that took place in Skopje.

The Romanian law requires the public unveiling of all the incomes of the public dignitaries, including those from such sources as conferences and seminars. The same rule applies to the candidates for the European Parliament.

My most recent declaration of assets is from July 2009. I want to reiterate my long-term commitment to transparency and anti-corruption’, the Romanian MEP stressed.

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