Predoiu: Magistrates are ready to give up protests but we are waiting for a sign from the Executive

Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu on Thursday after a 2-hour video conference with heads of the Romanian courts throughout Romania, has said that magistrates are waiting for a sign from the Executive and that they are willing to change their attitude.

„This has been a very useful talk. It’s clear to us that magistrates are waiting for a sign from the Govt and I believe we will be able to give provide it and then focus on matters of the Justice Ministry,” Predoiu said.

On the other hand, Predoiu has explained that he understood from the meeting that protests will continue.

„Protests will continue, but my guess, based on the messages I have received, is that magistrates are ready to take a more rational attitude and abandon protests if the answer they get from the Govt will be the expected one,” the minister said.

He gave assurances that journalists will receive more details the following days and assured them that the Justice Ministry deploys all efforts to get a positive answer from the Finance and Labor ministries.

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