Prime minister signs letter of intent about assuming responsibility for the 3 laws

PM Emil Boc signed on Thursday, the letter of intent concerning the assuming of responsibility, in front of Parliament, for the three laws, with the document sent to the two chambers of the Legislative.

Spokesman for the Government Ioana Muntean confirmed for Agerpres that at stake are two letters of intent sent to the Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

The government decided on Wednesday, at a meeting that lasted for ten hours, to assume responsibility for the uniform salary bill of the state employees, the bill on education and that regarding the re-organization of public authorities and institutions, the rationalizing of the public expenses, the support to the business environment, the observance of the framework agreement with the European Commission, EC, and the International Monetary Fund, IMF.

The assuming of responsibility by the Government, for the three laws on education, the uniform salary law for the public employees and the restructuring of the agencies, the rationalization of the public expenses, the support to the business environment and the observance of the framework agreement with the IMF and the EC will run all the stages specific to any procedure of this kind, said, on Thursday, at Victoria governmental palace, PM Emil Boc.

According to him, the decision of the government of promotion of the three laws is „the first stage of the reforming of the state,” and the process will continue with the promotion of other projects, among them that aiming at the reform of the pension system, the decentralization and the imposing of the cost standards in the administration, the fiscal responsibility, the adoption of the codes of criminal and civil inquiry.

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